10 Essential Questions for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

It is essential to hire the right Real Estate Agent to work for you. They will play a major role in how well you execute your Real Estate investment goals. Hiring their services is leveraging and taking advantage of their vast resources and network at their disposal. You just need to learn how to select the good ones from the bad ones. You can start by asking them questions. Here are 10 essential questions for choosing a Real Estate Agent. 

Question # 1: How long have you been in this business? 

Hire Agents that have been in the business for around 3 to 5 years. This is to make sure that they know the ins and outs of their profession and can certainly help you navigate the complicated Real Estate transactions. 

Question # 2 – What is your area of specialty? 

Their answers should let you know if they can greatly help you in the kind of move you are going to make in Real Estate. There are agents who work mostly with sellers and there are agents who specialize in helping buyers find the best deals. 

Question # 3 – Do you work alone? 

This question will let you know how he does his work. If he’s with a team or generally works alone. It is up to you what you prefer. An agent who works with a team means they have key persons who have different specializations and expect that you’ll be dealing with the others from time to time. A person who works alone does everything himself. 

Question # 4 – Who were your last 10 or 20 clients? 

You will know who he has worked with in the past and gives you a chance to ask his previous clients for testimonials. If he hesitates to tell you who his past clients were, he may be hiding something. 

Question # 5 – How do you communicate with your clients? 

This will give you an idea how he updates his clients and how you can easily reach him for any questions or clarifications. Consider the agent who meshes well with how you communicate yourself so you’re on the same page at all times.  

Question # 6 – How much can I sell my property for? 

Ask this question if you’re looking to sell your property. It will let you know how well he knows how much similar properties have been sold recently. 

Question # 7 – What type of property can I buy within this budget range? 

Ask this question if you’re looking to buy a property. Knowing what you can buy with your budget will let you know if he can help find the best deal for you. 

Question # 8 – How do you deal with difficult and demanding clients? 

This is a tough question that you must ask to let you know how he handles himself around difficult situations from working with very demanding clients. 

Question # 9 – How will I know that you’ll work for my best interests? 

Knowing that the agent has no hidden agenda or conflict of interest sets the tone right for your business relationship.  

Question # 10 – Any questions for me? 

It’s time for him to ask you if he has anything in mind and a chance to negotiate so it’s a win-win situation for the both of you.