What About the Reborners?

This is yet another article devoted to those who are new to the world of reborns (also sometimes called newborns or newborn baby dolls). If you are a reborn neophyte, I would highly recommend reading the last two posts as they will help you to more fully understand what a reborn is and how they are made. Just another reminder, if you are a reborn expert, or if you just want to share your opinion, you are encouraged to fill in the comment form bellow, and share your thoughts with the community. Thank you for your participation!

The highly talented crafters that create reborn dolls are know as reborners. Although reborning originated in America, the hobby has gained, and is continuing to gain, popularity throughout the world. Basically, any crafter who has the interest, resources, and talent to create a reborn doll can become a reborner.


In fact, “reborn kits” can even be purchased that allow an armature reborner to assemble their own reborn doll. These kits differ in the amount of paint, assembly, etc. required to complete the reborn. (We’ll talk more about reborn kits and other reborn accessories in a subsequent post.)


If you are interested in learning more about the reborners themselves, your best resource is often a Google search, using terms like “reborns”, “reborners”, “reborn artists”, etc. Or if you have a particular artist in mind, you can of course do a Google search for their name. There are quite a few professional reborners out there, and most of them have websites with information about themselves and their reborns. These sites also most often contain picture galleries of that artists work.

If you are interested in seeing a particular artists work in person, check their website for mention of any arts and crafts shows or similar events they may be appearing at. These events can be a great way to interface with these amazing artists.

Well, that just about covers it. In the future, if we can get permission to trade links with them, we hope to be able to include links to some reborner’s websites, and other useful reborn pages as a resource on this site. We will be sure to post, and let you know when this happens, so you can start taking advantage of some of the other great reborn sites out there.

The next post will be the last of these introduction type articles. We are going to talk about how beginners can get into the world of reborning.